Belphegor – the demon of financial bubbles

Belphegor is one of the seven Princes of Hell, the others being


Belphegor was sent from Hell to find out if there really was such a thing on earth as married happiness.  Belphegor’s experiences in the world soon convinced him that there was not and he fled to a place without women.  Belphegor is sometimes considered the patron demon of misanthropes.

Wikipedia suggests that he  also  seduces people by suggesting to them ingenious inventions, such as railways, canals, e-commerce and new financial instruments,  that will make them rich.  Some believe that Belphegor tempts by means greed and laziness [or the urge to get rich quickly and easily].

It sounds as if Belphegor is the demon of financial bubbles. Was this Prince of Hell responsible for tempting trusting investors during the 1995-2000 Dot-com bubble?  It is hard to believe that people would have behaved so foolishly without  Belphegor’s fiendish intervention.

Was the banking collapse really the work of this arch fiend and not the really the fault of innocent bankers?  If so, the correct response is not increased financial regulation but exorcism.

Belphegor shows a share prospectus to a representative of a church pension fund

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