BRL Nuclear Weapons Effects Computers 1, 2 and 3

Nuclear weapons effects computers one and two were produced by  Blundell Rules Limited [BRL] of Weymouth, England.   They have BRL’s name on the back. Number 1 dates from about 1960.

They could be used calculate the  consequences of a nuclear attack on a British target, most likely a city. The magnitude of the burst is set (in kilotons or megatons) and the calculator estimates, for various distances from ground zero, the damage to buildings, the crater dimensions, the percent of the population killed, trapped, and seriously injured. The back of the calculators have tables that estimates the extent of the resulting fires.

Number three’s design is significantly different and  does not have BRL’s name on its back. Number one was issued to the Royal Observer Corps during the Cold War. I do not know if versions two and three were also used by the ROC.

The shaded areas under the cursors are a scanning artefact and are not present on the calculators.

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